Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Decision making-HOW BAD IT CAN BE!!!!!!

Hi all.Decision making always play an important part in our life.Be it major decision or minor decision that we take daily.I just want to give u an example of consequences of bad decisions.How it can ruin your life.
There is a boy named John in mumbai(name changed).
He dropped out of school;tried drugs,believing he couldn't become addicted;made some foolish investments;failed to develop marketable job skills or to keep those skills current;procrastinated too long and missed out on a great business opportunity;failed to show up at work on time;chose to save money by not buying health insurance;didn't think it necessary to read the "small print" in the contract;or thought there was nothing wrong in drinking and driving.
And this guy once met me and told me it was my bad luck which let him down.I paused for a moment and thought this is not bad luck but it's him who made some bad choices in his life and still suffering.

The choices we make --the small ones as well as the large ones shouldn't be taken lightly.To do so places our future in the hands of fate.