Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Decision making-HOW BAD IT CAN BE!!!!!!

Hi all.Decision making always play an important part in our life.Be it major decision or minor decision that we take daily.I just want to give u an example of consequences of bad decisions.How it can ruin your life.
There is a boy named John in mumbai(name changed).
He dropped out of school;tried drugs,believing he couldn't become addicted;made some foolish investments;failed to develop marketable job skills or to keep those skills current;procrastinated too long and missed out on a great business opportunity;failed to show up at work on time;chose to save money by not buying health insurance;didn't think it necessary to read the "small print" in the contract;or thought there was nothing wrong in drinking and driving.
And this guy once met me and told me it was my bad luck which let him down.I paused for a moment and thought this is not bad luck but it's him who made some bad choices in his life and still suffering.

The choices we make --the small ones as well as the large ones shouldn't be taken lightly.To do so places our future in the hands of fate.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Twitter miracle

Earlier i heard a lot about Twitter.So my anxiety towards it increased many fold when i watched the News channel,and they used to say in twitter this person writes this and that...So one afternoon i opened my twitter account.

At first i didn't get anything about twitter.But curiously i opened some celebrity's pages and started following them.For some days i liked it but i felt very disgusting when i read their tweets.So for sometime i stopped twitting.Then one day while doing some R & D on sharepoint i saw sharepoint geeks have mentioned about their tweets.At that time i opened twitter again and visited their profile.Alas what i found in twitter is something great.There r lots of lots of people who r sharing their thoughts about Sharepoint and mentioned about their daily life working with sharepoint.

Earlier i hated sharepoint,i don't know what may be the reason but when i found all these people in twitter and started to read abt them,my interest in sharepoint increased manyfold.Now everyday i used to read the posts of the people i m following.

Thanks twitter for increasing my interests in sharepoint...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A more expensive tennis racket will not make you a better player.!!

Read it somewhere while going through different websites.I thought for a while is it correct and try to contradict it by thinking why good tennis player always uses good tennis racket...blah blah.Then i stopped for a while and saw it from the other side. i found out even if u will buy all the expensive and books available in the market and if u r not able to read any one of them,then can u succeed.I think the answer is a big "NO".Even if u r studying a book that is not too expensive but u read it all then ur chances of getting good grades will be increased.And one more thing now a days we r continuously reading success stories of small town guys in every field.So r they using expensive materials so that they can top or they r using their limited resources.U better know it....So it doesn't matter how rich u r to succeed but the only thing that does matter is ur determination and perseverance...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Please stop smoking

I wish people would stop smoking because I'm tired of all the whining and begging for attention and pity when these smokers get cancer.

And they do get cancer, anywhere in their bodies, not just lungs. All the wasted time, money and energy going to take care of these idiots, just because they didn't want to stop smoking.

Now they're being a burden to their families and everyone else with their many diseases that are caused by smoking, diseases that last sometimes for many years, causing horrible symptoms and costing literally a fortune to treat!

It's a disgraceful waste of money! Not only are these selfish, stupid people hurting themselves but others around them with their second hand smoke, which has been proven to be more harmful than first hand smoke, even to the smoker themselves!

So stop smoking! You are being a pain, a nuisance and a physical, emotional and financial drain to everyone around you, including yourselves!