Friday, April 16, 2010

Please stop smoking

I wish people would stop smoking because I'm tired of all the whining and begging for attention and pity when these smokers get cancer.

And they do get cancer, anywhere in their bodies, not just lungs. All the wasted time, money and energy going to take care of these idiots, just because they didn't want to stop smoking.

Now they're being a burden to their families and everyone else with their many diseases that are caused by smoking, diseases that last sometimes for many years, causing horrible symptoms and costing literally a fortune to treat!

It's a disgraceful waste of money! Not only are these selfish, stupid people hurting themselves but others around them with their second hand smoke, which has been proven to be more harmful than first hand smoke, even to the smoker themselves!

So stop smoking! You are being a pain, a nuisance and a physical, emotional and financial drain to everyone around you, including yourselves!

1 comment:

  1. hay bro thats realiy thoughtful.......
    but who wants to live long in this self-fish fucking world where every body is its feels good when u smoke think of smoking excess can lead u to troubled it totally depends on your self thats it....<3