Thursday, June 3, 2010

Twitter miracle

Earlier i heard a lot about Twitter.So my anxiety towards it increased many fold when i watched the News channel,and they used to say in twitter this person writes this and that...So one afternoon i opened my twitter account.

At first i didn't get anything about twitter.But curiously i opened some celebrity's pages and started following them.For some days i liked it but i felt very disgusting when i read their tweets.So for sometime i stopped twitting.Then one day while doing some R & D on sharepoint i saw sharepoint geeks have mentioned about their tweets.At that time i opened twitter again and visited their profile.Alas what i found in twitter is something great.There r lots of lots of people who r sharing their thoughts about Sharepoint and mentioned about their daily life working with sharepoint.

Earlier i hated sharepoint,i don't know what may be the reason but when i found all these people in twitter and started to read abt them,my interest in sharepoint increased manyfold.Now everyday i used to read the posts of the people i m following.

Thanks twitter for increasing my interests in sharepoint...

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