Friday, April 17, 2009

lazy idiot

Now i m sitting in front of my desktop and wondering how lazy i m growing day by day and what an idiot now i m.
Everyday i go to bed thinking tomorrow ll b a good day for me and i ll make full use of the day.But like every morning i got up really late and started to lingering everyday work.However i managed to do all my morning chores in a lethargic manner.
time moves really first and in no time i came to observe that it is almost approaching towards lunch.And i m really good at eating.After taking lunch my eyes automatically falls down and again i was sleeping in my bed .
when again i got up it almost evening and i rushed to the canteen and had tiffin with other guys.After all we entered into "khatti" session and the useless discussion just prolong and prolong.
This is my life completely idiotic and full of laziness.

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