Friday, April 17, 2009

MTV Roadies mania

we all r approaching towards MTV Roadies grand finale.Though i liked last year's roadies show quite a lot but this yr roadies is not so bad also.
I am a big fan of last year roadies winner Ashutosh and i believe he deserved it really well.If u look into this yr roadies there was a lot of twists and unfairness is quite clearly visible.The two finalists r already voted out earlier and by raghu's politics they again came to the show.
Palak why the hell she is there in the roadie. I m afraid the no. of slangs she knows will b greater than the no. of hairs in our head.
Nauman is a good guy but he has not that musculine character with him and now he is competing with a girl really embarrassing.
anyways lets see who becomes the roadie on 19th april.hope u ll enjoy the grand finale.

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