Sunday, November 15, 2009


I still remember the day when i entered into infy,mysore campus.First thing in ma mind was that whether i can clear this hectic training or not.I heard from many people and many blogs that out of three one kicked out of training.That fear how ever didn't last long as i was a bit familiar with the process and understand the system.Some terms which i did not hear before coming to infosys was "flunk",oh yeah this is the term they use when u do not clear the exam.First one week i heard about exit all the time and various ways to exit.Then came the generic training where things were not so good but anyway thank god i cleared the training after spending around 16 hours in GEC i.e from morning 8 to midnight 12.
So far so good feeling is always good.
Then stream training starts and believe me it was not so much difficult as i found two friends Rahul and vikash(name changed).They didn't belong to our batch,in fact they were our seniors.Time spent with them are very hard to forget.Especially sitting in the last row has some different tastes and we were the lucky ones to sit in the last row.
But all that sounds good has not so much happy ending.Thank god I clear the stream while those two fellows didn't due to some unavoidable factors that i can't express.
Now i m in MOSS(extended training) and have no tension as there is no exit if u flunk in exams.Thank god i m one those infoscions who will work for infosys in the near future and will tell others that infosys was their dream company(terms and conditions apply).....
At last now i can say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...Sorry for this late post.I will be back very soon with some good experience till then bye bye allah hafiz.

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  1. A really heratfelt post...
    kudos to the training @ infi and kudos 2 u penning it down so subtly... :)