Tuesday, November 17, 2009

People from Production

Hi Guys..How r u?Well i m fy9 here in Mysore.I have told u in ma previous post that now i m in MOSS(extended training).Well MOSS is nothing but a Microsoft Product which stands for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.As it is a microsoft product it is very user friendly.Well guys this post is something about the people from Production i.e people who have huge experience of doing projects and going onsite and communicating with clients all over the world.
Having under the guidance of these fellows is luck by chance especially if they r teaching u technical things bit by bit.First of all if they r telling u any concept then be sure that is going to help u in future coz they know what we should learn to handle project well.Especially when they share their experience u will think that oh my god these guys r brilliant.As they put the exact real life scenario in front of u.
Well guys another point u can also notice is their modesty.Yeah guys they all r very modest and down to earth attitude and they r opposite of "Empty vessels sound much" proverb.
After interacting with these people i m now thinking whether we can b like them or not.More importantly why should not we be like them.They r also like us in their initial phase and look now they know all these stuffs.Anyways guys as far as they r concerned they tell us only one thing i.e "develop interest within u,then there is nothing that u can't do".So guys this is what i perceive from all these people.So guys remember it is all ur interest which can change u completely i.e from zero to hero but u need patience also as "Patience is virtue".

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