Monday, January 26, 2009

Port Forwarding Guide

This guide is for solving "Port Forwarding" problem in utorrent, in this guide I've taken an example of users using "BEETEL 220BX ADSL2 + MODEM" & "BEETEL 220BX1 ADSL2 + MODEM" but the if anyone is using any other modem just go through the fundamentals of this guide.



Step1 : Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Network Connections

Step 2 : Double Click on "Local Area Network", a dialogue box will appear.

Step 3 : Click on "Support" on top-left corner of it, now NOTE DOWN the IP Address(eg;

Step 4 : Close that dialogue box


Step 5 : Open your web browser, whichever you use(like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc)

Step 6 : Now type "", a dialogue box will appear and will ask you for Username & Password.

Step 7 : By default the username & password are ;
Username : admin
Password : password

Step 8 : Now a page will appear and there will be options on the left side of the page, Click on

Advance Setup -> NAT -> Virtual Servers

Step 9 : Now on the right hand side of the page click on "Add" button

Step 10 : A new page will appear, select "Custom Server" and name it "utorrent"

Step 11 : Now for Server IP Address, write down the IP address that u've noted down in Step 3

Step 12 : Scroll Down the page, now you have to specify port, use any port between 40,000 and 60,000 (eg,; 42000)

Step 13 : Type that port number you've decided in step 12 in EXTERNAL PORT START & EXTERNAL PORT END, "Internal port start & Internal port End" values will be filled automatically

Step 14 : In Protocol field select "TCP/UDP", and click on Save/Apply, After successful configuration close the browser window


Step 15 : Open utorrent, Take a look at its menu bar on top left corner, and then click on
Options -> Preferences

Step 16 : Now a dialogue box will appear & there will be options on its left hand side, click on "Connection" on left side of this box

Step 17 : Now on the right hand side of this box, specify the port number that you've used in Step 12, for "Port used for incoming connections"

Step 18 : Uncheck, "Randomize port each start", click "OK"

Step 19 : Now it may require a restart of your modem and utorrent, but not necessary, and after some time you'll see a "Green check mark on the bottom of utorrent window", if you are seeing this, that means your port have been forwarded succesfully.


For different modems just go through the fundamentals of above procedure and you'll definately find out the solution with your device.

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